June 2018

WIE at IMAGE 2018
June 14-16
Milan, Italy




WIE at DDW® – June 2, 2018
Washington Renaissance Hotel
Washington, DC

Physician Burnout and Its Impact on a Successful Practice
WIE held its annual educational session, featuring renown presenters focusing on topics essential to all facets of successful practice.
This year, WIE addressed physician burnout and its many manifestations.  Here are a couple of symptoms to consider – do any of these apply to you on a regular basis?
  • Exhaustion – you are dog-tired on one or more of the three levels - Energy, Emotion, Spirit
  • Cynicism – you have lost your ability to care, empathize, and connect with your patients, staff and co-workers...
  • Doubt – you may begin to doubt that your work really makes any difference or question the quality of what you do (this is a late and inconsistent symptom that is nearly absent in men)
Program Topics: 

Physician Burnout:  Recognizing the Signs and Who is at Risk
Got an Issue? What are the Resources and How to Make a Change
Championing your Inner Strength and Opening Doors for Yourself

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